Alcohol Detox Symptom – Getting in the Know

When a person goes through alcoholic rehabilitation he will have to deal with the inevitable alcohol detox symptom. This symptom is a side effect experienced by the person when he deprives himself of the substance his body once depended on. There are a few of symptoms a person might experience when going through alcoholic rehabilitation and the degree of severity of these symptoms will depend upon the degree of alcohol dependence.

Can We Skip Detoxification?

If the person seeking help is someone who has just started drinking and feels that he is starting to get addicted and wants change then he need not go through detoxification. It’s a matter of how much the alcohol has infiltrated their systems. However, if the patient has been an alcoholic for a long time then the answer is definitely no. Also called detox, detoxification is the process of purging the body of the unwanted substance, in this case alcohol. In other words, it constitutes the whole course of the rehabilitation. This controlled withdrawal of the substance from the body will cause the body to go through an Alcohol Detox symptom or two.

What Are Some of the Alcohol Detox Symptoms a Person Can Experience?

Headaches, nausea, insomnia and high blood pressure are common alcohol detox symptoms. Among the most dangerous symptoms are seizures and hallucinations. This is why it is important that a person does not try withdrawal on his own. With out the proper medical attention or careful supervision of family or friends, the withdrawal symptoms may go from unpleasant to life threatening.

The suffering caused by an alcohol detox symptom can be traumatic for the patient and it is common for him to not want to experience it again. Most of the time, it is this memory of excruciating pain that keeps the person sober.


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