Back to Wall Bathroom Suite Buying Guide

So, what exactly is a back to wall bathroom suite? Well, it’s a toilet that’s fitted with a concealed cistern. This cistern is hidden either behind a false wall or within a purpose built piece of bathroom furniture (a WC unit) so that a clean, contemporary finish is achieved. Although the look can complement a traditional bathroom suite, it’s more commonly seen in contemporary bathrooms.

To make up a complete bathroom suite, your back to wall toilet can be combined with different pieces of bathroom furniture or sanitaryware.

If you favour a bathroom furniture look, opt for a fitted bathroom vanity unit and add a WC unit to your back to wall toilet. Some vanity units Dubai sanitaryware come with a particular basin, others leave you a free choice (so long as the basin you like will fit on your vanity unit). Basins may be bought in inset, semi-recessed (protruding over the front of a slimline vanity unit – good for narrow spaces, as you’ll have a little more floor space) or countertop styles. And of course, you’ll need to choose a tap that complements your choice of vanity unit, basin and toilet.

If a simple bathroom suite look is more your thing, your back to wall toilet can be fitted into a false wall and you can choose either a simple pedestal basin or a semi-pedestal or wall mounted basin. A semi-pedestal style has a projection of pipe-covering porcelain below the basin which extends only partway down to the floor. A wall hung basin has no pedestal style projection below and so can look a little more modern and minimalist. Again, you’ll need to select taps which are complementary to your chosen style of sanitaryware.

Whichever style you choose, one constant will be the concealed wall mounting frame which will support your concealed cistern and support the weight of your toilet and its occupant.

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