How to Choose the Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Choosing sunglasses can be a very overwhelming experiencing, considering that there are what seems like billions of choices to pick and choose from. While many people tend to just see a pair that looks good in the case, and then buy them, there are certain tips you should consider, like what shapes works best for your face shape, before buying an expensive pair of designer shades.

1. If you’re round in the face: If you have a round face, a frame with straight lines, like rectangular or square frames will work best for your face. They add definition to the round face and give a beautifully defined look.

2. If you have an oval face: You’re one of the lucky ones, because nearly every frame will work on you, whether you go with Aviator heart sunglasses or large oversized polarized shades, they’re going to look great.

3. If you have a square face: It’s like opposite of number one, you’ll want to invest in round or oval shaped frames that will help offset angular shapes and create a softer and more contiguous shape.

4. For the heart-shaped faces out there: The heart-shaped faces often consist of a broader forehead with a thin and narrow jawline. For this shape, a thin frame, like wire frames are ideal because they draw attention.

5. Always choose the frames and styles that you love. These tips are only suggestions, if you see a pair of frames that you absolutely love, but don’t quite follow these guidelines, I say go for it. Shades are intended to protect the eyes, and add some flair to your wardrobe. They are the new handbag, and you should be able to purchase whichever style you love, regardless of the shape of your face, or the outrageous price tag. Shop around, and consider purchasing some discount designer sunglasses, that way you can end up with twice as many for the same price as going with other retailers.

While these are some guidelines you may want to keep in mind while you’re shopping for a new, stylish pair of shades, it’s not the final word. Use it as a basis for narrowing down the abundant amount of choices that are available today and find the best pair of shades to complement your style today!

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