Using a Master Cleanse to Lose Weight Fast – Do They Work?

With the New Year less than two months away which means new beginnings for most people, this usually signals the start of making resolutions and one of them is usually the desire to lose weight and keep it off. There is no need to put this resolution off until the beginning of the year because as we all know, tomorrow never comes. Make a commitment starting today to improve your health and fitness. One of the ways to kick start this is to use a weight loss cleanse. One of the questions you will undoubtedly ask when using a master cleanse is “Do they work?”

Weight loss at this time of the year is usually difficult with Thanksgiving and Christmas soon upon us but this is exactly the time to learn to control your appetites and find alternatives to a lot of bad foods and bad habits.

One of the ways that a lot of people kick start their weight loss is to start with a weight loss cleanse also known as a colon cleanse or master cleanse. The primary goal of a cleanse is to rid the body of toxins. With the strict diet plan instituted, weight loss usually occurs which is a secondary benefit of the cleanse.

A master cleanse not only allows you to lose weight but to lose it in the shortest amount of time possible. When you start a weight loss cleanse process, it is very important to follow the instructions given in order for you to have the maximum results.

If you start a cleanse that is in a pill form, it will usually require that you only consume certain foods and drinks solely such as fruits and vegetables. If the cleanse sauna calls for a strict adherence to a specific regimen, you need to do so. This restriction of the diet allows you to lose weight in the shortest amount of time in addition to ridding your body of harmful toxins. A cleanse may also be in various other forms such a liquid, recipe, etc

When you start a master cleanse program, you will start to detoxify your body which allows your colon to push toxins out of your colon as well as your intestines. This not only promotes a healthy body since toxins may lead to ill health, but this cleanse allows you to lose weight in a very short amount of time. Extra waste is expelled by the body when you use a cleanse. The benefit of a cleanse is twofold which is why cleanses are very popular.

The length of time on a cleanse varies from a few days to up to seven on ten days. This weight loss mechanism is only to be used for short periods. Although some people use weight loss cleanses for rapid weight loss before a wedding or vacation, it is important to be cautious when you use a master cleanse. If you do not follow the use of a cleanse by implementing a proper diet and exercise program, the pounds lost with a cleanse will return and usually more than you lost in the first place.

This means that it is therefore important to have the right mindset when you are on a master cleanse. Your weight loss regimen should have long term benefits not just short term. Use a master cleanse every now and then to not only lose weight but to rid your body of toxins. The rest of the time, you should implement a proper diet and exercise plan. Always check with your doctor first before starting a master cleanse program.


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